Welcome, Sweet Friend.

Thank you so much for visiting my creative collective! I’m Diane, and I’m a writer with a passion for radical self love and giving our gifts of healing to the world. My creations are born from that very purpose: to support the Self and one another. I truly believe that our Wholeness and ability to Love ourselves is the gateway to Universal joy and wellness for Everything and Everyone.

I make hand crafted jewelry, accessories and natural beauty products to support your journey of Self Love and healing. My beach glass is natural and wild, collected from the shores of Long Island, especially Montauk where I grew up. My crystals are personally chosen by me for their properties to support your joyful journey. My metal stamped jewelry is an expression of freedom over perfection: no two pieces are alike.

The symbolism and animal totems that you find in my work are direct reflections of the Honoring of Spirit in its many forms. Wolf plays a significant role in my expression and personal development, and for Him I am deeply grateful. You will see Him honored here often.

My hand made beauty products are made from globally and locally responsible sources. I hand craft all of my beauty products in small batches and incorporate wildcrafting local plants by hand to guarantee freshness and authenticity. My beauty products represent quality over quantity with little to no preservatives and no artificial ingredients.

I love creating one-of-a-kind offerings for special events and celebrations like weddings, holidays, birthdays and anniversaries. Custom requests are always welcome. Contact me with your inquiry: diane[at]urbansiren.com