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Virtual Tarot Reading

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Join me for a virtual Tarot card reading. Present me with your question and I will be honored to provide you with insight through the Tarot. This is a great reading if you would like comprehensive and in-depth tarot-based insight with regard to your life situation.



Send me your question here. Once I review your request, you will receive a message from me to confirm the following:

  1. Mutually convenient date and time for your reading. When choosing your time, try to select I time when you’ll be free from interruptions.
  2. Invitation to a video call
  3. Please bring a pen and notebook so you can take notes
  4. In some circumstances, after reviewing your needs, I may refer you to another trustworthy resource if your needs exceed my offerings

Buyer Guidelines:

Try and narrow down your inquiry to one direct question and make that question about you, rather than about someone else. Feel free to include some life circumstances (only share what you are comfortable sharing, keeping your privacy intact of course) that can help me hone in on what areas you would like the most attention paid (i.e. work, family, school, career, spiritual/personal development, etc.)

If you are unsure of what an appropriate format is fora question, kindly see the below sample questions and feel free to formulate your own. If you would like a general reading for your highest good, and would just like to know what the cards would like to express to you, we can do a general reading without a specific question (just note that during our email exchange):

— What do I need to know about (relationship, job, school, etc.) at this time to assist everyone in their highest good?

— What area in my life do I need to focus on at the moment to reach my highest potential?

— What important message do I need to understand resulting from this (relationship, disagreement, impasse, job change, setback, challenge, dream, victory, etc.)

— What area of my life could I improve upon for my highest good?


— I am not qualified to address questions about health or monetary investments, but we can address the reading to focus on which areas you may be blocked as well as where your greatest potential lies, and on best practices to stay balanced in mind, body and spirit.

— Rather than “predicting the future,” my tarot readings are interpretations of what is happening now, as even when we are in the present moment we may be overlooking or underestimating important factors in our lives (this includes shadow work). Focusing on the present moment will help you determine what you need to do in order to reach your goal, get a greater understanding of the situation at hand, make a positive change, etc.


Please be over 18 years of age.

My style:

I am a Tarot reader with a flair for the creative and unconventional. I use a multidisciplinary approach when reading tarot cards. I may also include some “homework” such as suggested books to read, simple practices such as meditation or other accessible activities, and stone and crystal work (earth therapy). While I am not a licensed counselor, my sessions feel more like spending time with a therapist than with a fortune teller. My tarot sessions are intended to assist you in becoming present and aware of what IS, rather than what will be.

My process:

I create a quiet time and place to draw cards for you, with your question in mind, and then reflect on what the cards are telling me as a whole. Your reading may include additional messages and signs that come through the cards that go beyond the question you have put forth, but your question will always be addressed as well. If you are ok with this, there’s nothing you need to do. If you would rather have the reading focus on the question at hand and only that question, just let me know.

My background:

I’ve been studying the Tarot since 2015. I became passionate about the Tarot and other divination tools in 2015 when I began studying the cards for deeper meanings as I inquired about my own life. I attended a year’s worth of classes and sought out deeply respected Tarot card readers who provided me with their rich insight and supported me with tools to become an adept Tarot card reader. Since then, I’ve performed Tarot card readings for clients and the feedback I receive is heartwarming and encouraging.

Read what my clients have to say about my Tarot card readings:

I found Diane’s words to be very calm, nurturing and helpful. She opens up a concern of yours and looks at the possible influences and blocks to watch out for. Her energy and words are very fluid and I felt like she was guiding me like the big sister I never had. I was fortified and nourished. Thank you Diane.


“I had an important business call coming up with the Founder/CEO of a company; the call was going to define my place at the company. I had already worked with them on a few projects, and they really liked my work. They pay very well and they pay within days of invoicing. I sensed an opportunity to grow at the company and I love the work, but I had never had any kind of substantial conversation with the Founder/CEO before. So I asked Diane for a reading to help me get the most out of the call. I read her explanation and addressed the issues. Her interpretations were clear and the issues I had to organize in my head made sense. The results were truly amazing. During the phone call, he asked me what in my field I enjoy and what I don’t enjoy, and that’s how he will be framing my position and that’s how he will be sending me work. The reading explained how to follow my bliss, and I used that to guide my answers. He also said we’re starting the following week! It was a win-win result. It was perfect. Thank you, Diane!”

Soozy G. Miller, CPRW
Certified Master Resume Writer
Award-winning content writer

“Diane was so kind and so wise. The reading was so friendly and the energy flowed very naturally. I felt so comfortable! Needed this to enlighten my day and it was a fresh start. Always good to ask for some help to organize your thoughts and be able to understand what’s going on in your life!”

Daisy C.

“Diane’s tarot reading was infused with good energy and encouragement. Diane reads in a very loving and supportive way, giving the reader confidence to tackle whatever dilemna or question they may be facing.”

Kaylin D.
Jewelry designer and owner of Beach and Willow

Time frame:

My suggestion is we agree to a mutually convenient date and time for your reading as close to the date of your purchase as possible. I am flexible on scheduling and will do my best to accommodate your scheduling needs, though I generally do not conduct business before 9: 00 a.m. EST or after 9:00 p.m. EST.


~ 60 minutes (1 hour): $150

~ 90 minutes (1.5 hour) Astrology and Tarot reading combined: $250. Learn more about my Astrology readings.

Watch me work before you invest:

Watch my videos on YouTube where I offer combined Tarot and Astrology readings. Check out my New and Full Moon astro reports as well.

If you are interested in additional service, please click below and view my offerings as listed on my sister company Tarot Tauk.


My tarot card readings are recreational and intended purely for entertainment, inspirational and creative purposes. They are not intended as medical, legal or professional advice.

My timezone is EST (Eastern Standard Time). Please note this when considering a time that works for you.

Ready to get started? Complete this brief questionnaire and I will be in touch to arrange next steps.