Urban Siren Creative


I am always thrilled when someone loves an offering. Here’s what folks are saying:

Shea butter and essential oil blends



Mary Magdalene is soft with hints of sweet and touches of wild, and makes me feel enveloped in a warm hug from Universal Mother herself. It’s soothing and reassuring, and the fragrance I reach for when I’m at my workbench and feeling overwhelmed.” ~ Query Eve, jewelry designer

Forest essential oil blend

Forest is a trip through the woods, smells like damp moss and fallen trees returning to the earth, and the eyes of the creatures of nature. It’s my home away from home when I can’t go for a walk in nature, and it’s so deeply appreciated.” ~ Query Eve





Unscented shea butter

“This is the best shea butter I have ever used (and I have tried a lot!). It is potent and pure – melts into a healing energy balm.” ~ Monte Farber, The Enchanted World of Amy Zerner and Monte Farber


Metal stamping and essential oil sampler


“I absolutely adored my stamped necklace and sampler set of her oils. They all smell divine! I wasn’t sure which one I wanted so I got the sample pack to help me see what would best fit for me. But I love them all! She was so sweet to help me pick which ones might work for me and I left it up to her to pick the third scent-and did she deliver! I really love that she has sample options. I am shy to purchase perfumes without knowing their scent because I am finicky when it comes to what I like. Really wonderful option for people like me.


The necklace hasn’t left my neck except when I’m sleeping. The stamp is clear and crisp. It is also a unique design I’ve never seen before, which is one of the reasons I got it. All my friends have complimented it. The craftsmanship is solid and the customer service was excellent.” ~ Arwyn, Feral Healing