Siren Song Tarotscopes for Taurus Season

Aries (March 20 – April 18)
Taurus season April 19 – May 19
The Empress came flying out of the deck as I was shuffling for you, Aries. I bet that turns you on, given your fast-paced nature: to have a card fling itself out of the deck for you at rapid speed is your love language. Your friendly neighbor on the zodiacal wheel–Taurus–is just about opposite your quality of fast-paced anything. This message came rushing in to let you know that this Taurus season, you’re invited to slow down (gag) and enjoy the ride. There’s no need to rush, fuss or wrestle your way into or out of situations. Sit tight and let all the hard work you’ve been doing these past few months reap rewards for you. Walk slowly, eat your food mindfully, refrain from multi-tasking out the Yin/Yang. In a nutshell, the minute you feel like you need to put the peddle to the metal, pause. Bounty awaits if you sit tight and tap out from the fight. Make space for rewards to come to you by opening your arms, heart and mind to receive.
Taurus (April 19 – May 19)
Taurus season April 19 – May 19
Happy Birthday season, Taurus! You have been on a winning streak and you’re glowing from all the accolades. You’ve accomplished so much these past few months, you’re starting to wonder if you’re being punked. With all of your big successes, there are a few straggling weeds that could use some pruning. You know the type: the invasive, non-supportive pests that dim the shine of your glorious buds and damage the seedlings you’ve so carefully cultured. King of Wands is your ally this season to support you in area of your life you sometimes feel challenging: letting go of what’s not working for you (gulp). You’ve proven that you have what it takes to succeed. With that victory, you find there are people, situations or events that would rather ride on your tails than do the hard work themselves. It’s ok to let go of burdens and traverse obstacles by being clear about your boundaries. Stay firm and committed to living a life of fulfilled dreams and let all else walk the path intended.

Gemini (May 20 – June 19)
Taurus season April 19 – May 19
It’s important for you, Gemini, to feel seen and appreciated, even if feeling understood seems remote and unlikely. As the air sign to kick off the zodiacal wheel, you’re mental realm houses your sense of self and understanding of how the world works. This can feel advantageous because it bolsters your tendency to remain unreachable from the judgements and assessments of other people. While you utilize your keen intellect for strategic purposes, Three of Pentacles invites you to come back into community. Planet Earth and those who live here could benefit from your willy mind and innovative ideas because many are suffering and need an advocate like you. You’ve been immersed in study for many moons and this card invites you to step away from your ivory tower to lend a practical hand, boots-on-the-ground to what is ailing this world. If you come out and come through, you’ll realize there is a supportive community of like-minded souls ready to work alongside you for the betterment of all, while all the while feeling valued for the passionate, embodied soul that you are.
Cancer (June 20 – July 21)
Taurus season April 19 – May 19
Beginners mind, Cancer! Yes, even an old soul like you can play and frolic like a babe in their happy place, and that’s exactly the invitation that Page of Pentacles has for you. This season, you’re encouraged to luxuriate in the realm that makes your heart sing. Whether that’s a walk in the woods among the Fairies, pasture-gazing at Unicorns, or sitting on the ocean’s edge listening for Siren songs, immerse yourself in the company of the who, what, when and where’s that put a spring in your step during this Spring season of the Bull. Being in your body this season will help you navigate this joyous place. No disassociation or abandonment permitted: your task is to stay present with your miraculous self and allow the fortitude of your shell show you just how formidable you are. You can withstand anything, and you have both natural and supernatural allies at your beck and call to assist you. Stop, look and listen: they’re everywhere.
Leo (July 22 – August 21)
Taurus season April 19 – May 19
After the sting of last month’s card pull for you, Leo, I can understand why Judgement might feel like a double-down of intensity and burdensome medicine. Here’s the rub: this card isn’t casting a judgemental eye on you, but rather, it invites you to give yourself a break after everything you’ve been through. It’s time for you to take into account all sides of the equation, and that includes compassion for yourself. You are unreasonably hard on yourself and the last thing any of us want is for you to feel responsible for things beyond your control. You live to protect and serve, and courage in the face of adversity is your mantra. Everyone needs a break from the heavy lifting of personal growth. Even you, Brave One. This season, you’re beckoned to come home to the open and loving arms of your most forgiving side. Compassion for yourself is essential this Taurus season. Your comrade the Bull is your spirit animal, showing you how to stay grounded, fierce and protective while staying soft, sensuous and playful. Yes, you can have it both ways. And no, you certainly do not need to feel guilty.
Virgo (August 22 – September 21)
Taurus season April 19 – May 19
Isn’t she the spitting image of your state of mind these days, Virgo? Staunch, steadfast and unabashedly present (remind you of a certain Bull-ish friend we also know?), Queen of Swords is your wing-womyn this season, bringing you the medicine of clear and concise action through right thinking. And what is right thinking? It’s our determination to see things clearly, as they truly are, while eradicating our biased beliefs, unconscious and potentially destructive notions about a person, place, or thing, and our commitment to staying balanced, fair and compassionate. In brief, it’s following our moral compass and making sure it’s aligned to serve the good of all. This queen beckons you this season to put short-sighted goals to the side and think big, act big, and feel big on behalf of the planet at large. How can you direct your pinpointed focus and determination to help make this world a more peaceful and enjoyable place for not just yourself, your immediate circle, or even your neighborhood. Consider those you’ve never met (that includes people, animals, and parcels of this Earth) and will likely never meet. They need your protection, too.
Libra (September 22 – October 21)
Taurus season April 19 – May 19
Remember your Siren Song Tarotscope from this past Aries season, Libra? Nine of Wands is certainly a follow up to last month’s medicine. I hope you feel proud of yourself for taking a stand against what was draining you. It’s recovery time after all the heavy lifting you’ve been doing to clear your path and your life of all that weighs you down, to make room for more life affirming experiences. While most of the other zodiacal signs would see this is a mere Spring cleaning, with relationships at the center of your being, this clearing out has taken a toll on your peace of mind. You did what you needed to do, and you’re a bit more sensitive than most when it comes to disharmony. It’s ok: you’re doing what is right for you. Being true to yourself and honest with others so that you can be accepted for who you truly are, not who others want you to be, is a big life lesson. You’ve got this, even though you’re feeling wiped out by the process. Take a moment to catch your breath and ease your mind, but keep clearing out the junk. You’re almost there when it comes to eradicating addictive behaviors around relationships. Stay true to you, Boo.
Scorpio (October 23 – November 20)
Taurus season April 19 – May 19
Congratulations, Scorpio! You’re crossing that body of water without stinging your savior. Look how wise, discerning and determined you are. Six of Swords is shifting you from an unsavory experience to a more fulfilling existence, and you’re in good hands. Even more powerful is your ability to trust. You know this move is the right move. You deeply understand the need for change from a system that doesn’t support you to one that accepts you for who you are. The journey so far hasn’t been easy, and right now, it might feel particularly uncertain. Yet you know in your heart that only better things await you, even though you aren’t quite able to see what’s waiting for you on the other side. Moving forward is key. You’re not looking back this time, and you’re not striking out from a place of anger, either. You’re staying steadfast and noble to yourself and to your goals. Right? Right!
Sagittarius (November 21 – December 20)
Taurus season April 19 – May 19
Sag, you are really doing it! You’re large and in charge this Taurus season and The Hierophant is here to help you own it! You’re learning curve through last season’s card pull taught you to come back to you, always, and that you’re never alone (as feral as you feel at times). Learning to lean on other people for assistance has transformed you in a big way, and you’re excited to share your wisdom around this self-growth journey. You’ll be sharing, teaching and guiding from a place of authenticity and truth, having walked the talk and fully capable of holding space for some of life’s tougher lessons. We are the best guides for others when we’ve been through the fire ourselves and know how to navigate the proverbial Hillary Step. People will be looking to you for guidance this season. Staying grounded and present in your body with firm and compassionate boundaries will be an anchor for you as you assist those seeking out your wisdom. Make sure to check in with yourself regularly so you don’t overextend or deplete your precious resources. As they advise in flight: put your oxygen mask first on before attending to others.
Capricorn (December 21 – January 19)
Taurus season April 19 – May 19
Whooo-weeeeeeee what a ride it’s been, Cap. Just when you thought things would lighten up since Saturn moved out of your sign earlier this year, and having shifted through quite a few tricky astrological transits these past few years, then boom: Ten of Swords has more truth bombs to drop. It’s ok, and you know it’s ok. If ever there was a sign that’s able to hold all of this and more, it’s you, Capi. Remember when The Tower came to play in your Siren Song Taroscope pull for Aquarius season? And you handled it like a boss? Ten of Swords is very much like the baby aspirin to The Tower’s mother load of a dose of reality. So be it. You got this. You’ve been here before and it’s not the last time you’ll find yourself here, either. Just like the famous skit: I lift things up, I put them down. That’s you. Over and over and over again, you do the hard work and in the long haul, it pays off. You are just about the hardest worker in the zodiac, and you’ve been down before. You know what’s coming next: you lift yourself up.
Aquarius (January 20 – February 17)
Taurus season April 19 – May 19
Easy does it on the self-critique, Aquarius. Three of Swords is your get-out-of-jail free card when it comes to being way too hard on yourself. Unchain your heart, my Friend. Saturn is hanging heavy in your sign for the next couple of years, and it’s been taking a toll on your otherwise worldly ambitions. As we chatted about last season, Saturn is here to help protect and nurture you, not punish you. Strategic and clear thinking is your best recourse during this challenging time. Your innovative approach to life and relationships might feel stunted by Saturn’s disciplinary energy, but I assure you: it’s a great time to hone your skills around listening to your heart and what it’s telling you that it needs. Then, combine your heart’s wisdom with a clear mental state. If you’re feeling outcast, set back or like someone tried to put baby in a corner, don’t take it personally. The world is in a state of deep grief and everyone and everything needs compassion and a hall pass these days. Count yourself among that breakfast club and ease up on yourself. While you’re at it, give some slack to those around you who are having a hard time keeping up. In times like these, you’re stronger together with your trustworthy pack mates, lone wolf. Ask for assistance when you need a helping hand, and be ready to offer that support to those who count on you.
Pisces (February 18 – March 19)
Taurus season April 19 – May 19
Well lookie what we have here, Pisces. After last season‘s card pull, you’ve clearly been doing the work and er mer gerd, it’s paying off tenfold. King of Swords is your ace-in-the-hole this season, giving you the fortitude and commitment you need to finish what you’ve started on your road to self love, self acceptance and sharing your gifts with the world. Yes! It’s all coming together this season, and your Bull buddy is going to help you push through those last bits of sludgy stuff still hanging on since your birthday season. You know the kind: the nagging doubt, uncertainty and sometimes even the shame of feeling like you’re not enough. Oh, but you are most certainly enough, and you can own that this Taurus season. You’re going to be called to show up for yourself and for your community, and you’re going to be ready for it. There is an important message you’ve been eager to share, and it will come through this month in a big, big way. Trust that the world needs to hear from you right now, and get the word out. It might mean it’s time to write that thing, record that message, publish that article, or call that elected official. Whatever your call to action is, you’ve got the green light.
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A Solitary Spring: Poetry from the Pandemic

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To celebrate National Poetry Month this April, enjoy my writing prompts which I’m hosting on my @urbansiren creative writing page on Instagram. You may use these prompts in any way you like. They are perfect for poetry or creative writing, Haiku and any prompts you might like to use for Tarot or divination. These are here to get your creative juices flowing. There are no rules or fixed ways to use the prompts: they are up for your creative interpretation to use in any way you like. You can use each prompt for each date or you may combine prompts for larger pieces of work. The challenge is to stay with it through National Poetry Month (or for as long as you like!) to create a habit of writing every day in some form. Feel free to download these prompts and please tag me on social media @urbansiren or send me your creative work so I can celebrate the creative process with you!

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