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Astrology is an ancient and fascinating method of identifying patterns in a person’s behaviors, personality and proclivities and using the placements of the planets in a natal birth chart to do so. As a healing art, astrology can open doors to our conscious awareness of ourselves and why we feel compelled (or repelled) by certain influences in our lives.

Understanding where the planets are placed in your natal chart could be likened to the first steps out of your doorway, thus leading you into a new world of possibilities. If you are interested in studying on your own and learning more about where your planets are placed, grab your free natal chart here at Astro Cafe. (I am not affiliated with Astro Cafe and in no way monitor or verify their paid or free options).

If you’d like to book an Astrology reading with me so we can explore what makes you so very unique, you can look forward to the following:


Complete the Personal Growth questionnaire and be sure to enter your birth information (time of birth, date, month and year of birth and location of birth (city/state/country). If you are not sure of your birth time, feel free to enter 12:00 p.m. and let me know you’re not sure of your time. You can also estimate your time of birth, though the reading is most accurate with your exact time of birth. Once I review your request, you will receive a message from me to confirm the following:

  1. Mutually convenient date and time for your reading. When considering a time, try to schedule your reading during a block of time with minimal to no interruptions.
  2. Invitation to a video call (I often use Zoom for it’s screen sharing abilities so we can look at your chart together)
  3. Please bring a pen or pencil and notebook to our virtual session so you may take notes
  4. In rare circumstances, after reviewing your needs, I may refer you to another trustworthy resource if your needs exceed my offerings. To get a sense of the caliber of individuals I refer clients to, check out my referral list.

Support tool bonus:

In addition to the virtual reading, this offering includes an optional 30 minute follow up conversation by phone at a mutually convenient time. I recommend you sit with the reading for a bit before requesting a follow up call: it can take time for the reading to sink in and you may have clearer insight a week or so after you receive your reading.


— I am not qualified to address questions about health, monetary or legal issues, but we can address the reading to focus on which areas you may be blocked as well as where your greatest potential lies.

— My astrology readings are interpretations of the essential makeup of your chart, more so than predictive astrology. We can certainly look at current transits and what might be influencing you in the moment. Focusing on your innate strengths and challenges will help you determine what you need to do in order to reach your goal, get a greater understanding of the situation at hand, make a positive change, etc.


Please be over 18 years of age.

My style:

I am an Astrology reader with a flair for the creative and unconventional. I concentrate on the positive aspects of your chart to help you feel empowered and inspired, and regard “difficult” planetary placements as valuable wisdom chambers. While I am not a licensed counselor, my sessions feel more like spending time with a therapist than with a fortune teller. My Astrology sessions are intended to assist you in becoming present and aware of what IS, rather than what will be.

My process:

I create a quiet time and place to reflect on your chart prior to our meeting. Your reading may include additional messages and signs that come through as I interpret your chart, though if you’re looking to address a specific question, your question will always be addressed as well. If you are comfortable with this, there’s nothing you need to do. If you would rather have the reading focus on the question at hand and only that question, just let me know.

My background:

I’ve been enthralled with Astrology since my teenage years. In 2021, I had the great fortune of studying with esteemed astrologer Monte Farber, and completed his Level One and Level Two training. Since then, I’ve performed Astrology readings for clients and the feedback I receive is heartwarming and encouraging.

Read what my clients have to say about my Astrology readings:

Diane has such an approachable way of explaining astrology. I had a natal chart reading with her, and immediately resonated with what she was saying. It didn’t feel like she had a rigid structure put in place for reading – everything was bespoke to me, my experience, and my life. She was able to pinpoint some of my most hidden traits from my chart and reveal some trends in my life that I had difficulty explaining. I highly recommend Diane if you’ve never had your chart read before. Thank you for an incredible reading.

~ Mercury Pothocare

Diane read my chart and it was incredible. Diane, I could honestly listen to you for hours. Such amazing insight and interpretations! If you’re in the market for a reading…tarot, astrology or otherwise…get in touch with her!

Jen R. W.

Time frame:

My suggestion is we agree to a mutually convenient date and time for your reading as close to the date of your purchase as possible. I am flexible on scheduling and will do my best to accommodate your scheduling needs, though I generally do not conduct business before 9: 00 a.m. EST or after 9:00 p.m. EST.

Watch me work before you invest:

Watch my videos on YouTube where I offer combined Tarot and Astrology readings. Check out my New and Full Moon astro reports as well.


My Astrology readings are recreational and intended purely for entertainment, inspirational and creative purposes. They are not intended as medical, legal or professional advice.


~ 60 minutes (1 hour): $175

~ 90 minutes (1.5 hour) Astrology and Tarot reading combined: $250. Learn more about my Tarot readings.

If you are interested in additional service, please click below and view my offerings as listed on my sister company Tarot Tauk.

My timezone is EST (Eastern Standard Time). Please note this when considering a time that works for you.

Ready to get started? Complete this brief questionnaire and I will be in touch to arrange next steps.