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Astrology is an ancient and fascinating method of identifying patterns in a person’s behaviors, personality and proclivities and using the placements of the planets in a natal birth chart to do so. As a healing art, astrology can open doors to our conscious awareness of ourselves and why we feel compelled (or repelled) by certain influences in our lives.

Understanding where the planets are placed in your natal chart could be likened to the first steps out of your doorway, thus leading you into a new world of possibilities. If you are interested in learning more about where your planets are placed, grab your free natal chart here at Astro Cafe. (I am not affiliated with Astro Cafe and in no way monitor or verify their paid or free options).

Once you have your birth chart (or you have your chart from another software or resource) and you would like to schedule an astrology reading with me, please complete this brief questionnaire and we’ll begin looking into what makes you so very unique.

“Diane read my chart and it was incredible. Diane, I could honestly listen to you for hours…such amazing insight and interpretations! If you’re in the market for a reading…tarot, astrology or otherwise…get in touch with her!”

Jen R.W.