Little Altars Everywhere

Little Altars Everywhere

We all come from someplace. Whether we’ve researched our family history, going back generations, or count the rings on a tree that we’ve come to love or just happen to see, our roots are with us every step of the way. Our moorings settle in our bone-being, the understanding that our foundation of Self is based upon a timeless and limitless expanse, and yes…that’s where we’re going. Honoring our past is a celebration of our Now-ness, and a promise to honor what has yet to come. We can look up the names of our ancestors, or sit with the feeling that we come from some Place of great magnitude, and that we are part of this Great Magnitude. This is often enough to send the rush of connection through our veins and the desire to give thanks to all that has been, all that is, and all that will be.

One of the ways I honor my past is keeping family treasures close by in my daily life, rather than packed away in boxes in a basement. Of course, I have tons of family memorabilia stashed in storage but keeping several meaningful remembrances in sight helps me stay connected to my loved ones who came before me and who physically made me manifest. My great grandmother’s Tarot deck from Germany sits among my cherished collection of divination tools. My mother’s vintage stamp dispenser reminds me of the importance of communication and taking the time to write an “old fashioned letter,” and signifies her beautiful handwriting with which she penned many loving notes to our large family, my father and to me. My father’s grade school picture keeps me close to his boyhood persona, a child of monetary deprivation but filled with a deep drive to succeed against all odds. His life signifies the power of the human spirit, and to invest in what is Possible, rather than probable. He is my greatest Hero and I deeply honor his Journey. I keep the Las Vegas flip calendar front and center from my maternal grandparents who loved me deeply and who loved to gamble! Hard working and responsible in all areas of their lives, their trips would spark such fun and excitement. They would send postcards about their adventures, and this totem reminds me to take chances and risks, and that life is a Great Adventure with no promises either way. Live life to the fullest each and every day. Take the leap, and don’t take life so seriously; this “what have you got to lose” playful message deeply resonates with me, and I love hearing the “click” and “clack” of this little analog machine as I turn days upon days. I keep a Chrysanthemum stone here to help manifest my potential as well. My selenite egg embodies the purpose of birth: to live our lives in honor of our Dharma, and to fulfill our reason for Being.

I call this my altar. Or more accurately, one of my many altars. For me, an altar is any place that feels sacred and holy, embodying sanctity. This altar honors ancestry, and keeps me rooted in gratitude to all who have come before me. It also help me remember my part in this lineage, and to uphold my moral code, withstanding landslides and upheavals and twists and turns on the path. By the very nature of its presence, it reinforces my Divine right to Be Here.


I created the “Altar” metal stamped pendant for your sacred space or to wear against your heart. It makes a beautiful gift for someone you love to remind them of their sacred nature and to express how you feel about them.


Enjoy my complementary “Altar Gratitude Guide” for daily inspiration on how to stay thankful. Download your free Altar gratitude guide.