A Solitary Spring: Poetry from the Pandemic

It's National Poetry Month! In the Spring of 2020, I began writing a series of poems on my @urbansiren creative writing page on Instagram inspired by my monthly zodiacal season writing challenges and this is a compilation of some of the poems from my collection "A Solitary Spring." Spurred by my writing prompts for Taurus season, I created these free flowing poems and I'm so honored to share them with you in their first form as a compilation here. Watch the picture book and feel free to download your copy as a gift from me to say "Thank You!" for being here and for your incredible support of my creative projects. These poems reflect the vast landscape of feelings that the pandemic spurred in my soul. If they speak to your soul too, I'm honored.  

To celebrate National Poetry Month this April, enjoy my writing prompts which I’m hosting on my @urbansiren creative writing page on Instagram. You may use these prompts in any way you like. They are perfect for poetry or creative writing, Haiku and any prompts you might like to use for Tarot or divination. These are here to get your creative juices flowing. There are no rules or fixed ways to use the prompts: they are up for your creative interpretation to use in any way you like. You can use each prompt for each date or you may combine prompts for larger pieces of work. The challenge is to stay with it through National Poetry Month (or for as long as you like!) to create a habit of writing every day in some form. Feel free to download these prompts and please tag me on social media @urbansiren or send me your creative work so I can celebrate the creative process with you!

Siren Song Tarotscopes for Aries Season

Aries (March 20 – April 18)
Aries season March 20 – April 18
Happy Birthday season, Aries! I know this card pull might seemed rigged in your favor, but I give you my word that I did not draw Six of Cups intentionally. I can’t say I’m surprised this came through for you since Venus moves into your sign on March 21. You may feel especially drawn to connecting with those you love and may even feel pulled to re-connect with those you’ve had a falling out with. While you tend to flare up and then settle down quickly, there have been one or two disagreements that seem to stick in your psyche. This season, you might be revisited by these ghosts of arguments past and feel called to reconcile. If you do choose benevolence, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by how delighted you are to welcome your old friend back into your world. Of course, evaluate whether this person deserves your trust but if it’s a green light, by all means, open your arms and let love in from a deep place of sweet nostalgia. Not everyone deserves a second chance, but those who do, are so worth it.
Taurus (April 19 – May 19)
Aries season March 20 – April 18
Taurus, it’s as if you know your turn is coming up next, and you couldn’t be more excited these days about The Sun entering your kindred spirit and zodiacal neighbor Aries. If you’ve shouldered the long winter like a boss, and I know you have and always do, you’re equally ready to celebrate and begin this zodiacal season anew. Everything you buckled down this winter to work on is coming up like the crocus: bright and ready to be seen. You’re unusually flight-footed and fancy free since Spring kicked in, and you want the world to know about it. Somewhat unlike you, as it usually takes a minute for you to readjust after a long and languid winter (you are most like the hibernating bear of all the zodiac signs) and coming out of winter generally takes some time for you. After all, you love getting cozy on that couch and munching and Netflix-ing your long days away but so much about this past year has changed (and in turn, it has changed you). You were super busy this winter birthing new beginnings and while your body may have felt stationary, your mind and creations have been pouring forth. Now, it’s time to share what you’ve created with the world. Come on out, we’re all so excited to see you.
Gemini (May 20 – June 19)
Aries season March 20 – April 18
Whenever you get lost in your thoughts, Gemini, you can rely on Nine of Pentacles to bring you right back into your body. The mind/body connection has been elusive for you and you’re often scratching your head these days, figuring out how to blend the two. The good news is there’s nothing you need to do to connect your mind and your body, but rather, you’re invited to let go of preconceived notions about how you should be feeling in your body and start fresh this Spring. If you’re able to get outside and enjoy nature safely, then by all means, do so. If leaving your house isn’t possible, then simply cracking a window and breathing in the fresh, crisp air will bring you right back into your life center. You might explore what you’ve been holding on to tightly and whether you still wish to cling to these persons, places or things. These could even be old notions of your former self that are waiting to be set free so you can step into who you’re meant to be. Once you realize how bountiful you are, you’ll begin to loosen your fear of not being enough. You are enough, and you’ve always been enough. You’re on the cusp of a breakthrough, and trusting yourself is the key to moving into a new phase of life you’ve been longing for. Take the steps you need to take in order to make your dreams come true. You are safe. Keep telling yourself that.
Cancer (June 20 – July 21)
Aries season March 20 – April 18
Sweet Cancer, are you shocked by how well you’ve been holding it all together? I know this year has been exhausting, and King of Wands is your ally and biggest fan this zodiacal season. This benevolent and fierce energy is the next push you need to move through the challenges you’ve been facing and overcoming, and given your watery nature, you’re in good hands with this fiery king of self control and determination. Just when you feel you’re at your wits end and your emotional stores have been depleted, look who’s showing up for you. This card has your name written all over it, and it wants you to keep moving in the direction of healing. You may wish to continue to work with supportive guides, tools or professionals as we discovered in your card pull for Pisces season, and in doing so, you’re committing to a rewarding recovery from what is burdening you. The weight has been too heavy on your shoulders, and it’s time to lighten your load in a significant way. Delegate what you don’t need to take on yourself, and find trustworthy allies to assist you in unburdening yourself from all that is not supporting you. This is the season to release yourself of one-way relationships and unbalanced agreements. This king is your key to keeping healthy boundaries so that you may thrive. Don’t be afraid to draw hard lines in the sand and stand your ground. Make yourself Priority Number One. And stick to the plan.
Leo (July 22 – August 21)
Aries season March 20 – April 18
Healing is spiral in nature, Leo, so don’t get discouraged as you’re bouncing between The Star from Pisces Season to Three of Swords. If there’s anything we learn on the road to recovery, it’s that the journey is unpredictable and mighty bumpy. When we come into right relationship with ourselves, we can expend smoother sailing but still be sure there will be waves. No matter how well we’re tending our own garden, we can never control what seeds others plant. Nor can we avoid every single disappointment or challenge that life throws our way. The key to happiness is to not take anything personally. The key to staying centered is to keep tending your own garden and planting the seeds you want to see come to fruition. Stay focused on your own plot. Don’t become distracted by the dramas of others. Nurture what you want to grow and leave the rest to all those other forces you can’t possibly control. Be it karma, fate or luck, nothing guarantees an outcome quite like the power of intention. What are you intending as you take action? What capacity can you hold for possibility and positivity? How much love can you sow in your own heart? As wounded as it is, it beats and it bleeds. And you are the glorious sunflower showing us all how to stand tall in the face of it all.
Virgo (August 22 – September 21)
Aries season March 20 – April 18
Wow, Virgo! How did it feel having Knight of Cups from Pisces Season show you the depth of your own psyche in such a deep and potent way? Oh, I see: Ace of Wands is the answer. Amazing, isn’t it, the way you’re able to weave in and out of every emotional adventure unscathed and invigorated when you align with trust in yourself? You weren’t too sure you’d be able to hang on when you embarked but here you are: at the very core of your being and all fired up about it. Look at you, doubling down on your commitment to taking more risks, putting yourself out there and thinking outside of the box. Mars is entering your sign on July 29, and if you’re feeling fired up now, just you wait until The God of War comes knocking on your door. From now until then, you might want to find a way to channel all of this expansive energy and get ready to share it on a broader scale. I know you like to plan, which is why I’m getting a head start and suggesting it now. This is the time to birth that new project, creation, or dream. All the energy of the suit of Wands is with you, unadulterated and focused. Hone your incredible will toward what you want and make it happen. You don’t need a permission slip to make your dreams come true, and if anyone is asking you to show your hall pass, kick ’em to the curb, rock on and carry on.

Libra (September 22 – October 21)
Aries season March 20 – April 18
It’s hard when the energy moves from The World as it was in Pisces Season, Libra, to Five of Cups in what seems like a heartbeat. You might feel suspicious of others’ intentions these days, and whether people have your best interests at heart. This is indeed a question worth exploring. Given your peacekeeping nature, it’s possible you’ve overlooked some dodgy behavior in favor of wanting to keep things smooth and flowing. Now, some unsavory issues are being revealed. You tend to focus on the best in people and this is an admirable trait, though sometimes it means you let others get away with misbehaving. When we find ourselves let down, we can buffer the blow by putting on our detective hat and look back on our decisions for clues leading up to a full blown crack in the veneer. It’s said that hindsight is 20/20 and there’s no better time than fresh off the heals of a disappointment to empower yourself with self-reflection and self-awareness. Don’t allow a bad apple to ruin the bunch, though also trust your keen sense of observation and know when to call someone out on their nonsense before it affects your inner balance. If they’re worth their salt, they’ll make amends. If not, toss a pinch of that salt over your shoulder and try your luck elsewhere.

Scorpio (October 23 – November 20)
Aries season March 20 – April 18
All this hard work is paying off, Scorpio, and Eight of Pentacles is guiding you to stay focused as you perfect and hone your skills. Mars is entering your sign during your birthday season this year on October 30, the day before the veil between our world of tactile and spirit is thinnest. Then, on November 5, Mercury enters your sign after stationing direct a couple of weeks earlier. Something powerful is coming down the pike. Can you sense it? Call it coincidence or something more, as you’ll remember Eight of Wands appeared for your during Pisces Season and this theme of infinite eight is striking a chord. Eight is a magically abundant number and you are a magically abundant Being. You’ve been incredibly focused and dedicated to creating something new and exciting, though you’ve been feeling like the process is a bit too tedious for your impulsive nature. Trust the long process of building something that’s meant to stand the test of time. When your birthday season rolls around, and if you keep at it, you’ll see the fruits of your labor explode in an array of abundance indeed. Every time you’re tempted to turn your attention to something new and shiny, remember your dedication and stick to your guns for the long haul. This is not a quick fix, but a long lasting apprenticeship toward realizing your goals. Only you can break that finish line tape. And when you do, the win will be sweet as sugar.

Sagittarius (November 21 – December 20)
Aries season March 20 – April 18
Whenever you feel like you’re outside the sanctuary you so deeply desire, Sag, remember that you’re being held in a force field of love and support even if you feel like your out in the cold. Five of Pentacles is guiding you back to yourself, rather than some external sense of comfort. Deep within, you hold the key to feeling at safe and secure. And that begins by feeling at home in your own body. Sometimes we disassociate with ourselves when we feel overwhelmed. This is a natural response to needing to release our burdens. Just remember that the burden isn’t you, but it may be what you’ve agreed to take on that’s weighing you down. You don’t have to go it alone, either. Reach out to a trustworthy and loving friend or family member and ask for support. As independent as you are, you’ll be surprised to see how happy people are to support you when you’re feeling discouraged. You so often pump others up and dish out pep talks like an endless supply of songs in a jukebox. You’re not accustomed to being on the receiving end of support but that’s exactly what you need right now. I know you’re not shy, but when it comes to asking for help, you’re often hesitant. Letting yourself be loved and cared for won’t dampen your wild spirit. If anything, you’ll feel bolstered and more like yourself than you have in quite some time.
Capricorn (December 21 – January 19)
Aries season March 20 – April 18
Hold on to your hat, Capi, and get ready to rumble! Eight of Wands is your magic carpet destined to carry you through this fiery Aries season. You’ve been released from the tethers of Saturn in your sign for a few months now, and you’re feeling the relative weightlessness ever since Saturn entered innovative Aquarius. It’s quite a relief to have completed the obstacle course and even better, you have something to show for the challenges you’ve faced these past few years. I don’t know if any other sign performs quite as well as you under that type of Saturnian pressure, but you nail it, even though you come out with a few battle scars to prove your mettle. Speaking of battle, you’ll be moving as swift as a battle steed this season, deftly tackling responsibilities and goals and striking like a proficient boxer in the ring the minute something threatens to impede your speed. I pity the foolish one (or some) who gets in your way. As always, and as if someone like you needs reminding, be sure to look both ways before dashing across the road and other than taking all reasonable precautions, ride like the wind and set sail on due course toward building the life you’ve always dreamed of.

Aquarius (January 20 – February 17)
Aries season March 20 – April 18
Since discipline-oriented Saturn entered your sign a few months ago, Aquarius, you may have been experiencing one of two things, or both: extra challenges or extra support. Saturn’s energy brings the kind of rewards that pay off when we buckle down and do the work in a systematic way. Princess of Swords is your ally to make use of that powerfully paternal energy and add a dash each of ingeniousness and ingenuity. With Saturn hanging hard and heavy with you for the next couple of years, you can expect your typically innovative self to get a sobering dose of systematic checks and balances. By harnessing your sharp intellect, you’ll see clearly from the get go and avoid any hemming and hawing around what you should or shouldn’t be dedicating your energy towards. Clear thinking is your weapon of choice this Aries season, and when you blend the fire of Aries with the Air element of the Swords, you get an unstoppable and contagious energy source. Keep in mind you’ll need to carefully harness this energy in order to make it work best for you. In other words, don’t get carried away without checking in with your newfound checks and balances team. Working in tandem with discipline and passion will yield results you’ve only previously dreamed might be possible.

Pisces (February 18 – March 19)
Aries season March 20 – April 18
Dear Pisces, I so hope you enjoyed your birthday this past zodiacal season, and while your very special day I pray was filled with celebration, I know this past month has not been easy as foretold by Ten of Swords. As The Devil appears this season, I dare say this card is coming through for you. Sliding into patterns that entice you to abandon yourself is not a foreign concept for you, especially when circumstances feel especially challenging. This card is here to reassure you that you are never alone, no matter how difficult things may seem. You are always invited to reinvent yourself by trying on a different persona, tapping into a part of your psyche that you seldom visit but holds great wisdom and visions, and to trust yourself when temptations and distractions attempt to take hold. You are your own sanctuary, Pisces, and there is no shame in coming to terms with the material aspects of the world that sometimes beckon your attention. Did you know that you absolutely can have your cake and eat it too? The trick is making it last by taking little nibbles instead of big gulps. And when the cake is gone, simply bake another cake! I’m talking about the sweet things in life, the joyous experiences that bring you to the surface of a sunlit ocean as well as the lovely decent into a mystical dreamscape. You don’t need to feel torn all the time about choosing only one of two or more things you love. You can have your cake, your sunlit ocean and your mystical dreamscape. I hope this releases you from the bondage of choosing one thing you love over another. The whole world is yours.

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Siren Song Tarotscopes for Pisces Season

Pisces Season February 18 – March 19 2021

You’re running wild with your pack this Pisces season, Aries, and I want to see you out in front and central in the action. Knight of Swords beckons you to lead, and you have no problem with that whatsoever. As a Cardinal sign, you’re accustomed to taking the initiative. As an Aries, you’re comfortable being a central part of the action. But here’s the rub: can you function as a pack member in addition to being a pack leader? With the Swords suit (air element) as your card for Pisces season (a water sign), I encourage your zodiacal fiery nature to blend in with your surrounding elements. And who might be your pack? Why, your emotions, your thoughts and your desires, of course. Blending these together makes for a delicious dish. With Mars as your ruling Planet, you’re focused on enacting your will, though this season, do so while holding loving and equal space for your emotions and thoughts to join you on the field of proverbial battle. Consider getting a writing journal this month to record your dreams, as Pisces is the champion of intuition and dream-space. The Swords support communication, so pay attention to who or what comes through to you in your sleep.
Pisces Season February 18 – March 19 2021

I think I heard you drag your hoof through the earth in staunch celebration all the way from here, Taurus, when you saw the King of Pentacles come through for you this season. Perhaps the most earthly of all the zodiac signs, you, Taurus, are most at home with this card supporting you. Your root system is complex and functions as a well-structured anchoring system, allowing for both deep tap roots and more tendril-like fingerlings to explore your surroundings. Your grounded nature is so remarkable that it could almost (and sometimes does) cause others to envy you if they are feeling lost, wishy-washy or up to their eyeballs in overwhelm. Throughout Pisces season, you might get push back and get labelled “stubborn” as the watery nature of this season implores nearly everyone around you to dive deep into their emotions. With that, it’s easy for folks to get carried away, even to their own dismay. But not you, Taurus: you’ll be the lighthouse this season. Though here’s the thing: you’re diving deep, too, but in your own earth-bound way. You’ll be noticing how connected you are to your surroundings, and how much comfort that brings you, especially these days. A gratitude journal would be perfect for you this season. Start by writing down three things you’re grateful for, and watch how quickly you’ll want to expand that to 6, 10 or 20 blessings that keep you company in your world.
Pisces Season February 18 – March 19 2021

No one is harder on yourself than you, Gemini, and Judgement invites you to turn your critical and analyzing nature into motivation to make a much needed change. You’ve been feeling the need to shift for more months (or years) than you care to admit, and this holding pattern caused by insecurity has finally caught up with you. The problem with procrastination is that what starts out as a shadow becomes a seemingly insurmountable mountain under which we feel constrained, contained and isolated. This card is inviting you to release your notions of how to walk through the world, and simply start taking baby steps toward a goal, no matter how small, and without overthinking about the outcome. Here’s what never works: doing the same thing you’ve been doing and expecting different results. You’ve typed up an itinerary but stopped short of packing a suitcase. You’ve poured over the maps while forgetting you have an internal compass. And perhaps the most debilitating tactic of all: you’ve analyzed your return before stepping past the threshold of your own front door. This Pisces season, your airy nature would do well to settle itself like a disoriented bird on a body of water in between bouts of flight. Let your eyes find the horizon and settle your sense of direction. And once you remember your instinctive nature to not just survive but thrive, look up, soften your focus and find the angel in the cloud.
Pisces Season February 18 – March 19 2021

As if you don’t feel deeply enough all year long, Pisces season is going to stir up even deeper wells of emotion for you, Cancer. Five of Pentacles is your cue to build a fortress of supportive tools to help you cope with the depth of feelings that Pisces season can stir up for so many of us, and especially for you. Once you feel supported, you can access this deep well of emotion like the treasure trove it is: replete with wisdom, razor-sharp awareness and the fortitude to double down on embodying your true nature. If this sounds like a bit of an ironic “get out of jail free card,” it is: while you never need permission to feel your feelings, this Pisces season underscores just how central your feelings are to your well-being, and everyone else is going through all the feels with you. If you tend to see yourself as an odd-ball because of your tremendous emotional capacity, take heart that you certainly are not alone and it will seem that everywhere you turn, you’ll encounter sensitivity, compassion and people talking about, as well as expressing, their emotions. You’re a pro at this, so don’t be surprised if people turn to you this Pisces season to be their shoulder to cry on. If you have the space for that, great. If not, set healthy boundaries and double down on your self care protocols. Call in the big guns if necessary: that could be finding a therapist, joining a support group or creating a safe space (emotionally and/or physically) to replenish your stores. While feelings will run deep, this is also an incredible time to tap into your excellent intuition. Take time this season to ask the difficult questions, and then sit back and await the swell of affirmations to wash over you.
Pisces Season February 18 – March 19 2021

Look at you, Leo, at the center of your own healing, and owning it! The Star is your guiding light this season, especially after everything you’ve endured. While I’d love to say that the sting of what’s hurt you is all but a tiny thorn in your mighty paw, I know you’re taking a break from being center stage and licking your wound while hoping, for once, that no sees you. But I see you. And I also know that deep down, you want so badly to be seen for who you truly are. This card is your ally during emotionally-charged Pisces season, and invites you to douse the burn of your (unnecessary) shame with the loving waters of your tears. Keep saying to yourself: “It’s ok to feel all my feelings.” And then, believe it. I also know you want to get through this healing period as fast as possible, but refrain from rushing through. Pisces is a water sign, and I understand that most cats hate water, but if you can appreciate the fluid nature of your feelings you’ll realize that no sensation lasts forever (that includes pain as well as pride). Your majestic nature is so accustomed to mastering your surroundings, that you might feel out of place and distrustful of the old adage: go-with-the-flow. But alas, here you are. And right here is exactly where you belong. There is richness and reward in acceptance. There is gold in the hues of a setting sun. Allow whatever needs to pass through you the promise of a safe journey, and give thanks to the cleansing grace that comes with grief. A new dawn is birthed from the blanket of a star-filled expanse. Dance through the blue.
Pisces Season February 18 – March 19 2021

Oh, Virgo: are you really going to allow yourself to go this deep? I applaud you for even considering this offer from the Knight of Cups and I’m shocked, quite frankly, that you’ve allowed yourself to entertain this whimsical and uncharted adventure. But not as shocked as you. And yet, there you are: all in. ALL. IN. And you’re loving it. And the more you love it, the more surprised you are. It’s a delicious vortex of indulgent intoxication. So alluring that you keep looking over your shoulder to make sure you’re not being punked, or worse: dreaming it. Pinch yourself: it’s real. Buckle up, Buttercup, and hold on for dear life. You’re in this to win this. And while it feels like a huge entity is taking you along for the ride, you are very much a co-pilot on this journey. You are experiencing a homecoming of sorts, even while you feel out of your element: finally, you trust the direction your life is going without the need to know all the who, what, when, where and how’s of the equation. And for the first time in a long while, you’re able to breathe. You’re moving at an astonishingly fast pace by your own fastidious calculations but even so, the ride is smooth as silk. Your surroundings feel like velvet on your skin. The music is just right. The lighting, impeccable. You’re ready for your close up. In fact, it’s long overdue. Nothing dances as sweetly as feet unafraid to move on a stage held by adoring eyes.
Pisces Season February 18 – March 19 2021

Huzzah, Libra! The World is here in celebration of you coming full circle. All of your hard work and dedication has culminated in a bountiful embrace of everything you could ever wish to hold in your arms, and more. I know you weren’t expecting all the aspects of your intention to manifest so completely, and I also know you were surprised, if not slightly overwhelmed, to realize that having the whole enchilada comes with having a whole lot of responsibility. As we fulfill our wildest dreams, we also inherit all sides: the dark and the light. This is not the kind of graduation you were expecting, and yet, here you are: holding space for everything and quite capably, I might add. You’ve accomplished what you set out to do. And, you also realize you’ve only just begun the fulfillment of your destiny. The good news is that you’re closer now than you ever have been to understanding your capacity to create that which, up until now, you only felt could come to pass in dreams. Seeing it is believing it, and getting your arms around something means everything to you: it serves as proof of what is possible. However, as you grow, so do your aspirations. Knowing that you’re able to accomplish your goals is a huge boon to your self-confidence, which you sometimes devalue in your pursuit to please everyone but yourself. Embody the lesson of worldly accomplishments by understanding you are very much part of the fabric of this world (as ethereal as you are), and that allowing yourself to be whole, benefits the whole.
Pisces Season February 18 – March 19 2021

There is no rush, Scorpio. There is truly never any rush (I know how you despise feeling rushed) so when Eight of Wands appears for you this season, it’s not about making things happen, but rather allowing things to happen. As a water sign, you’re in good company in Pisces season and with the moon by your side, you may feel more comfortable than you have been in quite some time. You can let your guard down, take a deep breath and feel supported in your choices, dreams and aspirations. It’s understandable to feel somewhat wary of the ease in which plans will develop and come to fruition: you’re so keen when it comes to seeing through the mystery though it can be difficult for you to trust yourself, let alone others. Rest assured you’ve got the tools to handle whatever might arise, and more than that, all your hard work is paying off tenfold. You’ll see plans come to fruition that up until recently you all but abandoned as hopeless. As you watch this season’s events unfold, you might feel a renewed sense of excitement and commitment to investing in yourself once again after a labored stretch of disenchantment. Your world will feel magical once again, almost like an early Spring has breathed new life into your heart. And your passions will well up in your Soul effortlessly, and you will follow their seductive call, as easy as a breeze through parted lips, and you’ll hear Yes…again and again and again.
Pisces Season February 18 – March 19 2021

Are you open to receiving, Sagittarius? Queen of Cups is offering you a gateway to bliss through a regenerative and prosperous container: your own heart. If you’re willing to let your guard down, the greatest love of all is waiting for you without ever needing to search outside of yourself. Ever on the lookout, you’re adept at sourcing and securing. This season, there’s no need to gaze beyond your own reflection. Though, if you do happen to take a peek around, you’ll notice a reverberation of what you value, respect and love gazing back at you. This isn’t a trick fit for the Hall of Mirrors: you can trust what you see. Most of all, you can trust yourself. This season, you’ll feel at home in your own heart, and you’ll be pleasantly surprised that your adventure-loving spirit has a whole world to explore within this sacred chamber. Go ahead, have a look around and get to know every nook and crevice of this wisdom center. You’ll be delighted at what you discover, and perhaps even a bit surprised at learning things about yourself that previously hadn’t been acknowledged or seen. Pisces season has a way of inviting us to go deeper than we ever have before. This might challenge your nature to dash and dart between one adventure to the next, but you’ll find this vessel so welcoming, so inspiring, so filled with creative possibility, that you’ll feel transfixed long enough to stay still. And this stillness, nestled within infinite potential, will captivate your equally infinite spirit. Imagine that!
Pisces Season February 18 – March 19 2021

Busy Capricorn, the Knight of Wands comes through like a breath of fresh air, carrying you over the rough spots on the well-worn road of accomplishing your goals, one which you are so accustomed to traveling. Always on the fastidious march and ever upwards, it’s refreshing to have an ally like this, helping you push through resistance and road blocks. The power behind your actions this season is fierce and you’ll feel as if you’re sailing through challenges, both the ones we cause for ourselves as well as the inevitable hurdles from the external. The ease in which you’re traveling this season may feel surprising after the deep bumps and bruises you’ve sustained, but trust your guides. It’s normal to look over your shoulder and wonder when the next shoe is going to drop, especially after everything you’ve been through. No one needs to tell you how wise it is to be discerning, but this season, with the moon in your corner, you’re intuition is your guiding light, even more so than your intellect. As a sea-goat, your emotions run as deep as your ambitions, though you tend to have a difficult time making room in your headspace to follow your heart. It takes quite a bit of convincing at times for you to trust your feelings. Not this season, Capi: let your heart and passions guide and support you. Rest assured, it’s smooth sailing ahead.
Pisces Season February 18 – March 19 2021

With so many planets in your sign these days, Aquarius, you’re super supported to pursue your innovative aspirations, make discoveries and center yourself for the greatest good of all. The Emperor is here to help you access your deepest truths and stand firmly in your power. Can you feel the mountain rise up to meet you? Do you sense the moon phases coursing through your veins? Is the abundance you sense enough to cast out the fear of not having enough, not being enough? Mars energy will catapult you to the finish line before you can doubt the outcome. The velocity at which this happens can be astonishing if not a bit unsettling, but only if we over-analyze. Whenever you see results, there’s a tendency to wonder if the destination matches the excitement of the journey. You love the labyrinth, and you delight in the process. Often, when you arrive at the manifestation phase, you grieve the excitement of the trajectory. This season, you’re invited to pause and connect with your surroundings. There’s not much action that needs to happen outside of your regular wheelhouse of incredible and forward-thinking inventiveness. Though Pisces season will encourage you to embrace how you share space with all that inspires you. Rather than feeling disconnected, you might be pleasantly surprised to realize how deeply in sync you are with the world, and especially nature. If getting outside feels problematic, there’s a world inside of ourselves that is every bit as mountainous, river-wild and wind-swept as the land beyond our doorstep. Turn inward and explore.
Pisces Season February 18 – March 19 2021

Happy Birthday season, Pisces! I can explain the drawing of not one but two (!) cards for you. The Star arrived first, followed by Ten of Swords, and if the magic of this pairing isn’t clear, allow me to explain. The Star card points to a period of significant healing, and the Ten of Swords is the culmination of a deep-seated experience, often a wounding, disappointment or hard-to-digest lesson, that prompts us to shed our old skin and begin anew. This beautiful duo is here to remind you of your resilience and courage in the face of adversity. No matter how difficult things may seem, you have walked through the fire and you bear the colors of the Phoenix to prove it. With the sun in your sign, the center of the collective focus is on what you do best: rise again and again from the deep dark depths on the wings of intuition, dream-space and a selfless commitment to making this world a loving place for us all to inhabit. Without you, our zodiac wheel would be missing all the 12th house juiciness that comes with uncovering the secret world of our subconscious. I know you’ll be busy this season celebrating your solar return, but if you could kindly keep us all in your heart and your mind, and allow us a peek into your vast, expansive nature, it would really be doing the weary collective a solid! Teach us, Oh wild and watery wanderer, how you just happen to know so well the inner and outer mechanisms of the human spirit. Let us sit with you on the shores of self-discovery and befriend both the ebb and the flow of all things. You are so good at letting things go and making the most of impermanence. In fact, I’d call it your super power. And we could all use a hero right about now.

Deck pictured: Dark Days Tarot
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