Siren Song Tarotscopes for Gemini Season

Aries (March 20 – April 18)
Gemini season May 20 – June 19

Activation is your word for Gemini Season, Aries. King of Wands would love to see you embody the beliefs you’ve been gunning to uphold. Since Taurus season last graced you with The Empress, you’ve been more in touch with your emotional side. And with your ruling planet Mars out of bounds in the sign of Cancer through May 24, you might have noticed an influx of the feels. Mover, shaker energy is right by your side this season. To blend the power of action with intention, invite thought-provoking Gemini along for the ride. If you’ve been called to take a stand politically or for a social cause, this would be a great time to put yourself out there. If you have a website or project under construction, wrap that puppy up and get it out into the world. Don’t worry if it’s not perfect. Done is better than perfect.

Taurus (April 19 – May 19)
Gemini season May 20 – June 19

On the heels of your birthday season, Taurus, I find it charming that Two of Wands came to play, and play you will! These past few weeks have been filled with explosive growth, and you’re invited to circle your wagons and reformulate some of the plans and projects you’ve got underway. After such an active season, a time out to re-evaluate and reconfigure is your medicine. This month, you would be hard pressed to keep up your recent momentum without striking a balance between hard work and recreation. You don’t need to stop in your tracks, but simply slow down, especially while Mercury is retrograde in Gemini through June 21. The gateway is not an end game but rather a necessary transition. You’ll find plenty of play and pleasure here, and I know that floats your boat.

Gemini (May 20 – June 19)
Gemini season May 20 – June 19

Happy Birthday season, Gemini! After Three of Pentacles showed up for you last season, I’m over the moon to see King of Pentacles exploding with Do-Good, Feel-Good and most of all Be-Good messaging. You’ve put in a lot of work this past season and made some meaningful connections. It’s a great opportunity to reap the benefits of these fortunate connections and dream big, collaborative dreams. You’re so adept at conjuring up concepts and ways of doing things better and more efficiently. Your collaborations could include making this world a more just and peaceful place. You could also be ready to choose that perfect editor for your book, the keen designer for your brand or the remarkable nonprofit to support as a board member or donor. Whatever it is you’re ready to energetically invest in, now is the time.

Cancer (June 20 -July 21)
Gemini season May 20 – June 19

With Mars out of bounds in your sign through May 24, Cancer, you might be feeling an extra dose of hardcore emotions, and while this planetary placement is honing in on your turf, you’re not the only one going through a deep emotional state. Others around you are experiencing high levels of feelings as well. Two of Swords would love for you to take a deep breath and tap out for the time being. You don’t need to fully disconnect from what is, but rather, find a way to tune out the external noise and concentrate on your own needs and self care. As the mother figure of the zodiac, it’s second nature for you to come to the emotional rescue of others. This season, spend time in quiet contemplation and create much-needed space between you and the seemingly endless demands of the outside world. Pause, reflect and tend to yourself. Everything else can wait, if only for a moment.

Leo (July 22 – August 21)
Gemini season May 20 – June 19

Fiery Leo, you’ve got the go code! The Magician is present to encourage you to start that new endeavor with all the power of a skilled magic maker. This card is associated with the planet Mercury, and Mercury will be in the sign of Gemini through Gemini season. When Mercury enters its retrograde phase on May 29 until it stations direct on June 22, keep an eye out for trickster energy which can scramble the wires of The Magician if we’re not in balance with this energy. This retrograde energy, paired with your card for the season, could lead to someone or something trying to pull a fast one. Beware, as you may be the one tempted to try and pull of a heist of some sort. Avoid this temptation, even though you think you might get a way with it. Take the high road, even if you see an opportunity to dish someone a healthy dose of just desserts. You always do so much better when you act from a place of integrity. Remember the Judgement card from Taurus season? Let go and let God/Goddess. You’ve got more important things to do and to celebrate.

Virgo (August 22 – September 21)
Gemini season May 20 – June 19

After last season’s sobering medicine of Queen of Swords, The Fool arrives to help shake off the shackles of feeling uber responsible, Virgo. Not only do you have a responsibility complex when it comes to governing yourself, but you also tend to weigh yourself down as you witness the not-so-wise decisions of others. Ont the frustration Ricter scale, you waiver between mostly nonplussed about fool-hardy strangers, but when those you love score a 10 on the Dope-O-Meter, you freak out with a magnitude that could ruin your day, if not your week, month or year. As I advised your zodiacal neighbor, Leo, “Let Go and Let God/Goddess.” Relax the reigns on yourself and others. There is something beckoning you to take the leap of faith and trust the unknown. Given this Gemini sun season, nothing will get too out of hand thanks to all that mindful energy floating about. You can afford the wiggle room to take a risk now and again. On a scale from 0 – 10, feel free to calculate that risk however you see fit.

Libra (September 22 – October 21)
Gemini season May 20 – June 19

You weren’t expecting such dramatic results, Libra, though Wheel of Fortune is your bridge to a reality that can sometimes feel benevolent or harsh, depending on the circumstances. While your deep interest lies in relationships, you’d rather avoid conflict no matter how necessary, and this is where we get into smoke and mirrors territory when it comes to dealing with the uncomfortable. This card reminds you that doing your best is good enough, and to let others learn, even if it’s learning the hard way. What goes around certainly comes around. After taking on too much water from another ship, albeit a sinking one, this lesson can be a difficult one to witness. Tough love is not your forte, but there are times when it’s exactly what the doctor ordered. Keep your eyes on your own page and continue to show up for those who reciprocate. We’re here to write our story all the while never knowing the ending. Ah, the great mystery of life!

Scorpio (October 23 – November 20)
Gemini season May 20 – June 19

Spicy Scorpio, how does this invitation from Knight of Cups feel, to finally say out loud what’s been brewing beneath the surface for you? Having moved through Six of Swords in Taurus season, your time to express yourself fully is here, and you can rest assured you will find great relief in expressing yourself. Transition has been a theme for you these past few weeks, and while it’s been challenging, it has also felt freeing. Your adaptability is not so much the pivot and shift kind but rather, the below-the-surface stewing that makes for a lasting new and better brew. Pour yourself a cup of kindness and know that your release valve is ready to be turned on. No stoppage, no back flow. Just all systems go in the direction your heart longs to take you.

Sagittarius (November 21 – December 20) Gemini season May 20 – June 19

Doesn’t it feel good, Sag, to know you’ve done everything you can and now its time to embrace all that’s coming your way. After all the hard work and effort you’ve invested, you can finally take a step back and celebrate your wins. And, the stings won’t feel as prickly with Ten of Cups this season. You’ve been coping with and putting up with quite a bit. Your patience and good will are paying off tenfold. This is a time for celebration, and joyous receptivity. You’re so action oriented, that it’s the receptivity piece that might be hard for you to accept. Go ahead, though: reach out your hands and receive all that’s coming to you. Your keen eye will realize that nothing’s ever perfect, but things are still pretty darn good right now, even with the ups and downs and the bumps on your adventurous road. Still, your heart is full, and it shows.

Capricorn (December 21 – January 19) Gemini season May 20 – June 19

After last season’s Ten of Swords, Capi, the appearance of The Lovers could feel equal parts joyful and ominous. That cautious Saturnian attitude of yours is both endearing and exhausting, as you’re compelled to prepare yourself for all possible outcomes. “Fail to plan, plan to fail” is one of your most trusted adages, and it’s a noble and sensitive approach as you are so wont to strive to be the best and do your best at all times. This card could bring with it a feeling of “when will that other shoe drop?”, especially on the heels of last season’s Ten of Swords. And still, you feel hopeful and excited about what’s on the horizon, even if you can’t see the big picture in its entirety. Go with the hopeful approach, and give yourself some space to clear out the culmination of all that came to head last season. While a choice lies before you, take your time and move forward at your own pace. Goats are known to take little steps up that steep mountain, and their power lies in their tenacity, not their hastiness. There are big and bountiful opportunities waiting for you on the horizon, and there’s no reason to feel rushed. Just because the sun sets, it doesn’t mean you’ll never see it again.

Aquarius (January 20 – February 19)
Gemini season May 20 – June 19

Moving from last season’s Three of Swords to this season’s Princess of Swords feels like a true initiation into a mastery of mental capacity, Aquarius. What a shift this is: we talked last season about how important it is to release yourself from unnecessary harshness and free up your mind to purse what feels joyful and supportive. And you did it! Look at where you are now! You’re wielding the masterful energy of this young spirit and giving yourself permission to dream extra big. And for you, Aquarius, that’s really saying something. The sky feels like it’s the limit. Your thoughts are a rocket ship blasting into new and exciting territory. Prepare for blast off. Don’t be surprised, though, if several of your comrades have some difficulty keeping the pace. If you’re co-creating something with another or more than one person, perhaps keep your eye on your teammates and try not to leave those you admire too far behind. With Mercury retrograde this season, most everything (except perhaps you) is moving rather slowly and for good reason. It’s awesome to trail-blaze to new heights though it’s a bit more fun and rewarding to party at the finish line when you’ve got some people to party with.

Pisces (February 18 – March 19)
Gemini season May 20 – June 19

It’s all coming together, Pisces. The World is your ally this season, reminding you that you are very much a part of everything around you (as if you, of all zodiac signs, need to be reminded of your connectivity with all that is). This is also a wonderful opportunity to celebrate your journey and how far you’ve come. There was a time when you felt overwhelmed by the weight of the world, and now, there’s a lightness of being that brings with it more joy and celebration than our planet has seen in quite some time. It’s as if your very spirit is responding in kind with the verdant beauty of Springtime, and expansion is filling your soul, and you’re stretching out your compassionate arms to try and hold it all. If anyone can hold all the world has to offer, it’s you, Sweet Pisces. Feel into that expansiveness and take up as much sacred space as you like. You have a right to be here. I’ll say that again: you have a right to be here. And as I leave that right there, I’ll keep an eye on you this season while you dance your dream into existence.

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