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I’m the first to say it: I’ve got limitations. I’m good at what I’m good at, and I’m great at what I’m great at, but I’m not an expert at everything. This space is where I list my contacts and colleagues, along with their breadth of experience. If I’m not the right fit for you or your needs exceed my wheelhouse, I’d like to offer you these resources for you to pursue next steps with someone who’s skills better match your needs. Please feel free to browse around. These are my personal recommendations as I’ve found their work to be exceptionally valid. You may find that you wish to work with me alongside my colleagues, and that is completely fine, as long as your needs are being met and I can concentrate on my particular skill set so that you receive the best experience possible.

Kristen Leigh, LCSW

Kristen is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and a Tarot Reader. Kristen uses tarot to offer her clients insights and healing from the space between psychology and the existential. She wants everyone to enjoy the therapeutic benefits of tarot.

Why and when I’d recommend Kristen: Kristen is a Licensed Certified Social Worker, and therefore, a clinical mental health professional. If you are experiencing a situation where working with someone with a clinical background is beneficial to your well-being, Kristen would be my recommendation.

Jordan Hope Miller

Jordan is a black transgender person of color and an activist for equal rights. He sees both the suffering of humanity, and their reprieve from many intersectional viewpoints.

Why and when I’d recommend Jordan: Jordan has a background in substance recovery support, emotional trauma support and offers mentorship programs for individuals interested in committing longer-term to their wellbeing. If you are a transgender person on a personal growth journey and long for a like-minded community, Jordan is my recommendation.

Monte Farber

Monte has been practicing and offering astrology for more than 40 years. He is a prolific author, teacher and mentor.

Why and when I’d recommend Monte: Monte is the teacher’s teacher of astrology, the Tarot, mediumship and psychic development. He has counseled many celebrities and business elite who know him as “The Best Astrologer in The Hamptons” (Dan’s Papers). His remarkable insights and down to-earth advice have been endorsed by leading visionary authors and company executives who use his unique skills as part of their important decision-making mix. Monte comes first-to-mind as an exceptional astrologer and guide. A wealth of knowledge, compassion and wisdom, Monte is my teacher, mentor and guide as I learn astrology, and was my first Tarot teacher alongside his award-winning wife and life partner, Amy Zerner. If you are seeking in-depth astrological guidance or wish to learn, Monte is the man.