Significance of the Number Five

Significance of the Number Five

When the holidays roll around, do you find yourself effortlessly uplifted by an invisible Power of Good Will, Kind Intention and Joy? Do you pause to wonder what in the World is making everyone so…dang…joyful? It’s collective consciousness, my Friend, which elevates us to a feeling of bliss around the holiday season. And how so? Everything exudes energy, and when our neighbors, friends, co-workers, family members, and those we don’t know but inhabit this earth alongside us, feel the happiness of the holiday season, we compound one another’s feelings and elevate together. It’s the rising of the collective consciousness in the spirit of love that creates the holiday “buzz,” the excitement, the brotherhood/sisterhood/kinship vibe. The holiday itself is not imbued with magic–we are as a result of where we’re placing our attention. The holidays get us thinking of all that we are grateful for, and we focus on others besides ourselves. The gift-giving season’s foundation is based on how we express just how much our loved ones mean to us.

Image of a human body in a circumscribed pentagram, from chapter 27 of book 2 of Heinrich Cornelius Agrippa’s Libri tres de occulta philosophia (“three books of occult philosophy”). Symbols of the sun and moon are in center, while the other five classical “planets” are around the edge. Image in the public domain on WikiCommons

The number five plays a significant role in how we relate to others, our surroundings, the Earth, and our heart center. Significance to the number five takes center stage in symbols such as the pentagram, which in Western culture has represented the five senses and the five wounds of Christ.

“Sermoneta Lamentation of Christ” by Girolamo Siciolante da Sermoneta. Public domain image on WikiCommons

In Western esoteric associations, five relates to the fifth element, which is ether…the element that flows through the other four elements (earth, fire, air and water), elevating and harmonizing them.

In yoga, our fifth energy center or chakra, located at the throat, is the home of right speech and expressing our Truth. Associated with the color blue, this energy center helps us combine the wisdom of what we know to be true in our hearts and gives us the power to express our heart’s deepest Knowing with the world for the highest good of all. The strength of living in harmony with this chakra is having the courage to know Who We Are and how to express this to the world in a loving way. This energy center is in full effect during the holiday season as we share good will through our expression of gift-giving, and the key here is gift-giving from the heart. I particularly love the celebration of this chakra with the gift of singing Christmas carols in chorus or groups of friends traveling from house to house during the holidays.

In numerology, the number five takes us beyond the material plane and into the realm of “happening” in mind and spirit. This ties in beautifully with our fourth and fifth chakras as the fourth chakra, our heart chakra, or anahata, is the home of our deepest Truth, our center of unconditional love which transcends the world of cause and effect: ‘you do this for me, I give you this in return.’ Unconditional love is the ever-present energy of Divine Love. It is not a doing, but rather, a state of Being. We reach this state when we experience the essence of true love, and fundamentally, the experience of self love. We cannot enter the realm of Being Love without having first experienced Unconditional Love of the Self. And why is this so? It is so because we cannot express, exude or share that which we do not Know. In order to love outward, we first must know how to love inward. It is like any other teaching principle: we can only share what we know.


I created the Anahata metal stamped pendant to remind us of our ever-present connection to Divine Love. Within the twelve petals, two overlapping triangles in the center represent the masculine (as above) and the feminine (so below). The balance occurs as they intersect and can represent living our heart’s truth in the world through our daily expressions and manifestations, embodying the spirit of “As above, so below.” You are invited to shop this pendant here.