The Beauty of Shadow Work

The Beauty of Shadow Work

There is much misunderstanding about shadow work and its importance on the path toward self-realization and bliss. In my experience, shadow work is the single most important fundamental concept to understand fully and recognize as the key to decoding our Truth. Shadow work is no more “negative” than what is referred to as “light work.” It is simply another perception of the entire spectrum which includes both dark and light.

We can look at shadow work as if it where a “black and white” photo. Within the parameters of black and white, can you see the vastness of the grey? Can you see the whispers of something so far beyond density and polarity? Can you feel the essence of a sea-scape in everything that surrounds you?

I am here to share what I know, which is that shadow work is as illuminating as all the rest of the work that we do as practitioners. My call to shadow work is what launched my black and white photography challenge on @urbansirenwellness and Facebook pages. This is an ongoing invitation, and you are cordially invited to follow me on social media and post with the following guidelines anytime:

1️⃣Post photos in “black and white”
2️⃣ Include at least three sentences about what you s̤̈ë̤ë̤ in your caption.
3⃣     One out of your ten photos may include a photo of a person (that includes you 💫)
4️⃣Tag one new person with each post and invite them to join
5️⃣Use the hashtags #urbansirenwellness  and #urbansirencreative so I can find your posts

You may post about whatever it is you feel called to. You do not need to practice yoga or consider yourself a writer or photographer to participate. This is not a contest but the ‘prize’ is allowing your creativity to flow, surrounded by a loving community of witnesses. I am holding supportive space and cannot ẅ̤ä̤ï̤ẗ̤ to see your wisdom flourish.

So much love, Diane 💕