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The Beauty of Shadow Work

There is much misunderstanding about shadow work and its importance on the path toward self-realization and bliss. In my experience, shadow work is the single most important fundamental concept to understand fully and recognize as the key to decoding our Truth. Shadow work is no more “negative” than what is …

Little Altars Everywhere

We all come from someplace. Whether we’ve researched our family history, going back generations, or count the rings on a tree that we’ve come to love or just happen to see, our roots are with us every step of the way. Our moorings settle in our bone-being, the understanding that …

Art With Heart

It is truly an honor to stand with organizations helping to support those in need and alleviate suffering. I am partnering with See Me, Not Meat on several projects including Animal Tag Pendants featuring the number of an animal that has gone to slaughter. Watch the video of the story …

Red Lips

Photograph used with artist's permission: E Plum.
Photograph used with artist’s permission: E Plum.


No one tells the story

entirely her red lips

were supposed to be

the dress and grief was the color

of her wedding day

Anything Wild

"Prisoner." Used with artist's permission. www.anthonyfreda.com
“Prisoner” Anthony Freda Art. Used with artist’s permission.


Anything wild can talk about

wound but likely a fraction

of what caged creates over

and over the rubbed skin

bone is for asking

bone is for show.

The Dream

Wolf, by Silents_In_The_Trees


Take the skin from my hand and tell me

the dream you know the one:

bone, fir, winter